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What is LOVE? 💖💛 en We Heart It.

Daily dose of love quotes here

I love you. I love you without any single doubts. You deserve to be love without any hesitations. In fact, every human does. Each and every one of us make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we should receive love lesser than we deserve.
I love you.I love you and I will always give you my trust as long as you remain faithful to me and to our relationship. Just promise me you won’t cheat because I don’t know what to feel if I caught you cheating. Make me your number one and I swear I won’t look for another guy except from you.
 I love you. I love you even if you’re flawed. Were just humans and we have insecurities. Nobody’s perfect and I know at some point there are things which I don’t like about you as well as things you don’t like about mine but that doesn’t make my love grow less for you instead I will accept and embrace every little thing that makes you you.
I love you. I love you that i’m willing to give you the happiness you ought to feel. I wont hurt you. I will always defend you against others. I will stand by you when the world seems to knock you down. I will give you hope when you need it the most. Just let me be with you when you need me.
I love you. I love you because I love you. I don’t love you just because you love me, I just love you. I love you for who you are and what you are. People don’t have to tell me who to love because my heart already knows. I met you for a reason and I guess its because I have to love you, I need to love you.
 I love you and I love you and I love you. 

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Cook with me.
Lets cook our meals together. Lets prepare our favorite food as if were already married couple. You can do the frying while I do the slicing. You can start the soup and i’ll finish the steak. We can bake cake for dessert if you want to. We can create different kinds of juices, lets just look for fruits in the fridge. I may not be expert when it comes to cooking but I can assure you that I can cook it with love. No matter what the outcome of the food will be just promise me you’ll eat it. It may not taste as delicious as you mother’s cooking at least we both made it together.
Cuddle with me.
Embrace me on cold, windy nights. Let your warm hugs be my blanket. Let your strong arms be my pillow. Lets cuddle all day long. Let me kiss you, hug you, play in bed with you,hold hands with you, tease you, tickle you. We can even daydream for our future together. Lets play pillow fights as if were immatures. Just cuddling, no sex. Lots of cute memories in bed together.
Be lazy with me.
Lets have an indoor dates. We can do lot of things inside our house. We can have movie marathons, eat pizzas and ice screams, drink teas, lie on our favorite couch, play video games and beat each other. We can play hide-and-seek, too. You chase me, I chase you. We can do a lot of things when we both have lazy days. It’ll be fun as long as I have you and you have me.
Have dinner dates with me.
We can eat on an exclusive restaurant were big lights and dancing are present. We can do it twice a week. We can pretend as if its our first date together. The formal type of going out. Just like the usual, you pick me up at 7 and eat for dinner together with laughter and giggles all over the air.  After that, we can go for a stroll in the park and watch the starry night. Walking hand in hand along sidewalks. And when 11 P.M strikes, be sure you sent me home already because you know my dad’s gonna be really pissed. Kiss me goodnight and lets call it a night.
Have foodtrips with me.
We can eat whatever we like. There shouldn’t be any kill-joy for this. We can eat pizzas, ice creams, burgers, fries even those they call street foods. Lets play eating contest. You know you cant beat me. I’m a monster when it comes to food but i’m sure you’ll try your best to defeat me because as every contest there will be reward and you’re after that. But as what I had told you, you can defeat me even if you’re choking already.
Take selfies with me.
Its too mainstream nowadays and lets not be outdated. Lets take lot of pictures together. Silly and weird faces. Cute and wacky ones. I like them a lot. Lets print them and i’ll hang many of those in my rooms. It’ll be our reminder with the memories we had created together. Its our flashbacks on the things we used to do a lot.Lets keep them. We can show them to our future children someday when were settled.
Settle down with me.
When were both stable, marry me. Have kids with me. Make me your wife. Let me take care of you. Be your nurse when you’re sick, be your energizer when you’re tired, i’ll give you never-ending laughter when you’re sad. Let me wake you up at 5, prepare your shower at 5:30, take care of your clothes, tighten up your tie and cook your favorite breakfast meal. I’ll kiss you goodluck on your way to work and wait till you come home at 4. I’ll take care of our kids, too. I will raise them as good and as kind as you.Lets make them a God-fearing children. Lets guide them as we welcome them into the real world. Lets love them as much as we love each other.
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